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A Contractor on a Mission

Audra Frank and her husband, David, spent 30 years building their painting and wallcoverings business in Northern NJ into a thriving enterprise with a client list that included the homes of major sports figures, famous musicians, and movie stars. Their commercial business was equally successful, with accounts like MTV, Comedy Central, and Japan Airlines. But after exposure to paint fumes on a nearly daily basis for all those years, David was diagnosed with brain cancer, which took his life.

"Green" took on a new meaning for Audra. It meant the life or death of people you love. So, after David's death, she decided to go on providing the same services as before, but with a new purpose:

Promoting Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Audra has used the last several years to comb the marketplace for every product used in contracting that does not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air. She knows which wallpaper glues to use, which removers, soaps, and finishes you can count on to keep your surroundings safe. You can make use of Audra's knowledge and experience in 2 ways:


"Audra Frank and her painting crew".
Audra and her Crew
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  • If you are a Contractor, Architect, or Designer, bring Audra in during the early stages of  your project to guarantee that you will deliver the highest level of environmentally friendly finished product.

  • Hire Audra Frank Associates to do your interior or exterior painting. Other services include professional wallpaper hanging, decorative painting, stucco, faux finishes, and specialty wall coverings.